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Laurel Pyne: Looking after yourself in the 21st Century

Date: 21 June 2017
Time: 1:30-3:30 pm
Location: St John’s, Marlborough

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Participants should leave with a deeper understanding of how the brain works as well as some practical tools for creating happier, more cooperative student-staff relationships and learning environments.

Participants will:-

  • gain a basic understanding of the underlying science of stress and of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)
  • learn and have practiced 3 techniques for de-stressing themselves
  • make a short, written plan of what is and isn’t working in their lives, and strategies for creating more happiness and awareness

Laurel Pyne is a former Head of an Expressive Arts Faculty in a large secondary school.

Her focus is on developing co-operative, enjoyable and calm interactions in all areas of life, whilst reducing staff and student stress and raising the general level of happiness!

She believes that understanding how stress and anxiety is created in the body is vital, along with practicing techniques to reduce it.


Light refreshments included

Alliance Schools £40
Non-Alliance Schools £50
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Peter Marshman – using Scratch to teach programming at KS2

Date: Thu 22 & Wed 28 June
Time:  16:30-18:30
Location: St John’s, Marlborough

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This 2-session workshop is a beginner’s guide to creating computer games to engage students and give them a basic understanding of programming concepts for computer science using Scratch.

Scratch is a popular, easy and free tool to create stories, games and animations with pupils to give them a solid basis in programming techniques in preparation for computer science.

Suitable for: Primary teachers and IT Coordinators who want to develop their skills and engage students using Scratch programming. No prior programming experience in key stage 2 or 3 is required.


Session 1: Thu 22 June

  • Introduction to programming, explore algorithms, and apply understanding in a range of hands-on, cross-curricular Scratch projects.
  • Explore repetition, and learn how to make use of repetition in your Scratch programs.
  • Create your own art, music making and animation using repeating patterns.

Session 2: Wed 28 June

  • Discover variables through real-world examples and learn how to create variables
  • Reflect on all of the key programming concepts to create your own final challenge project.

Peter Marshman is Head of Computer Science at Park House School – a lead centre of excellence for Computer Science. He is both a DfE/CAS Master Teacher and a Master Teacher Co-ordinator where he manages a team of ‘Outstanding’ Computer Science Master Teachers. Peter works with local primary schools to develop Computer Science.


Alliance Schools £80
Non-Alliance Schools £90
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Joshua Siegal: engaging children through poetry

KS2 & KS3

Date: Fri 30 June 2017
Time: 1-4pm
Location: St John’s, Marlborough

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In this session, Joshua Siegal will provide you with some concrete, tried-and-tested methods for getting your students to produce creative, imaginative and heartfelt poetry, at the same time as developing their confidence in communication. By the end of the session, you will have written several short poems of your own, which you can then use as models in class. You will discover that everyone has a poet within them! During the session Joshua will also perform some of his own dynamic, interactive poetry.

Joshua Seigal is a London-based poet, performer and workshop leader. He specialises in working with children of all ages and abilities and delivering workshops to teachers. He is an award-winning poet, performer and educator who uses poetry to develop literacy skills and inspire confidence and creativity in communication. He has worked in hundreds of schools, nurseries, libraries, theatres and festivals around the country,  lead workshops in which children have produced award winning poetry and has had poems published in numerous anthologies.

Joshua possesses degrees in Philosophy from Oxford University and University College London and an MA in Writing/Education from Goldsmiths College. He has been described by teachers as “inspirational” and a “positive male role model”.


Alliance Schools £65
Non-Alliance Schools £75
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Tom Robsontomrobson

Date: Postponed- new date tbc
Location: St John’s, Marlborough


This session will cover helping develop a community learning language that we all understand, exploring what habits of learning helps us create the best version of ourselves, resilience, independence, focus and empathy….why they are key to success, Internal resources versus external resources and how to keep the balance.


Alliance Schools tbc
Non-Alliance Schools tbc
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For more information visit Tom Robson’s website: http://www.tredu.co.uk/ .