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St John’s Marlborough is introducing ‘Coaching’, in particular collaborative coaching, as a core way of underpinning and facilitating effective ‘CPD’, during 2016/17.

What is it?

Co-coaching is useful to a practitioner, at any stage in their career, and whenever professional learners are seeking to review and enhance practice. Co-coaches each take the role of coach and professional learner, usually alternately and partners are mostly self-selecting.

Our CPD sessions will involve participants:

  • learning how to use collaborative co-coaching to develop their teaching practice and to enhance their reflective practice;
  • learning what being an effective coach/coachee involves;
  • learning how to help each other through active listening, observation, articulation and discussion linked to an agreed target;
  • learning how to use reciprocal action planning.

Could your school benefit from this?

If you have staff that are interested in being involved in a supportive, classroom based approach to developing practice…

If you are a school that is committed to allowing staff to have some time to reflect on their ‘Teaching and Learning’…

If you lead individuals interested in taking ownership of their own Professional Development and know that your main assets are your own teachers…

…then collaborative co-coaching is a strategy that your school should consider.

St John’s Marlborough is aiming for ‘Coaching’ to be a sustainable, supportive and truly collaborative approach at the heart of our aim to foster outstanding ‘Teaching and Learning’ in the future. Is this something you would like to investigate as well?

How can we help?

To discuss how you might introduce ‘Coaching’ to your setting or for further information or advice about using ‘Coaching’, please contact Jay Morgan on

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