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Action Research Bursaries

Aim: One of the main aims of ETSA is to identify what actually makes the difference for our students in our contexts. To truly achieve this we are promoting evidence based practice; of which school based action research projects are going to form an important role. The main benefits to this approach are it:

  • Builds reflective practitioners
  • Enables progress on school-wide priorities
  • Supports professional learning cultures


We are pleased to announce a budget to enable individuals to undertake and complete such valuable projects. Applications are also welcome from school leaders or departments who are looking to develop larger research based projects as part of a more structured staff development programme.

Application Process

Individuals/Department heads/School leaders should send an initial expression of interest (no more than 400 words) outlining the intended research project. You will then be invited for an informal chat to discuss the proposal in more detail. Priority will be given to projects that clearly address an identified school need.


ETSA’s Commitment to you upon successful application

Optional attendance at the National conference at ResearchED.

  • Expertise from Professional educational researcher to help formulate your research question (usually PICO format), evaluate current evidence and plan your project
  • Ongoing support with appropriate expertise as available
  • Upon completion of report £50-£200 will be paid to their departments/primary schools dependent upon relative scope
  • Bursaries toward resources as required within the project (books, journals, materials etc)
  • Reasonable Time to allow completion of planning and synthesis of the report within the scope of the bursary available.

Your Commitment to the ETSA in accepting this project

  • Presentation of findings in the ETSA R&D Summer Conference 2017
  • Completion of your school based action-research project by Autumn 2017 where possible
  • Publication of your research to staff across the Alliance

We hope you understand that due to the uncertain nature of the number of applications likely to be received, the above bursaries are just forecasts. If we have 10 or fewer applications we may be able to increase the timescale or extent. If we have more than 15 applications we will have to be even more selective in our awarding of bursaries.

For further information please contact Ben Cobbold:

Applications should be emailed to

Download this information as a PDF.