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Spaced Learning EEF Project

Throughout 2016 St John’s was involved in phase 2 of the feasibility Study for the Spaced Learning Project. The project was joint funded by the EEF and the Wellcome trust as part of their Neuroscience and Education round. The Hallam Teaching School Alliance was running the project from Sheffield in conjunction with Queen’s University Belfast. The remit was to look into the potential that putting in purposeful spaces (filled with Juggling practice in our phase) between learning cycles. We trialled this with two year 10 classes throughout a series of 3 lessons in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our variant was to trial 20 minute learning sequences with 10 minute spaces filled with Juggling practice. Dr Patrick Stark from Queen University flew in twice especially to meet the students and carry out the pre and post testing required to test spaced learning. Phase 2 is now complete and we are looking to take part in the third phase next year.


Gemma Scarisbrick Author:

“I’m the subject leader for Chemistry at St. John’s school in Marlborough, Wiltshire. I was introduced to the Spaced Learning Project by my Physics colleague Ben Cobbold. I was keen to get involved with Spaced Learning because it sounded like a fun, engaging way to revise science topics. It was also a good opportunity for the students to be part of a real-life scientific research project and experience how parts of this process work first-hand. I hope it will help improve my year 10 students’ abilities to recall important information for their GCSE exams. Spending some time learning how to juggle is an added bonus!”

For more details view the SLP Newsletter Sept 2016 (PDF).