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    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
    to change the world
    Nelson Mandela

About Us

Download our brochure: Excalibur Academies Trust - A family of schools (PDF)Introduction

Excalibur Academies Trust (www.excalibur.org.uk) was founded in 2012. We are a multi academy trust that prides itself on a special blend of independence and collaboration, which is demonstrated in everything that we do. Our academies and partner schools are exceptional – delivering an education which ensures every student achieves and enjoys success.

At the heart of Excalibur Academies Trust is the child’s journey through learning.

We ensure:

  • every child enjoys success
  • learners develop a love of learning for life
  • teaching is outstanding

Our academies deliver a learning experience that encourages resilience, personal responsibility and independence. Our staff are exceptional – raising expectations and providing the highest level of challenge in the classroom every day.

Excalibur Academies Trust is committed to schools retaining their individuality and identity – we believe that every school that joins the trust should remain independent. It is through close collaboration and a shared vision that together we achieve great things. We are only too aware that highly effective schools serving their local towns and villages are critically important for communities to thrive.

Excalibur academies have a well developed family ethos based on strong values and a robust moral code that emphasises:

  • respect for others
  • personal pride
  • determination
  • outstanding personal integrity