Meet the Hub Manager at St John’s Marlborough

Sean Harper, Hub Manager at St John’s Marlborough tells us about his position and being a role model:

‘The hub is a setting for students who currently cannot, for a number of reasons, access main stream lessons full time. In the hub we deliver lessons that are part of the curriculum but we also offer alternative interventions, schemes of work that meet the child’s individual needs. The full time students have tailored targets set on a day to day basis and are encouraged to pick goals that they would like to achieve either that particular day or throughout the week. Our aim is to work intensively with a student and then return them on a structured programme back to lessons with the maximum chance of success. We offer continued support in this process and slowly increase the time with in class and the number of lessons being attended.

I started at St Johns In September 2016 and quickly found my feet here. The students are wonderful and the staff have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and offering support. In February I was lucky enough to be given the role as Hub Manager.

I genuinely look forward to coming into work every day. I love being looked at as a role model and for children to aspire to be like when they are older. I enjoy making the small difference that improves the future of the children.’

Nicky Edmondson, Principal at St John’s Marlborough said of Sean: ‘Sean joined us as a Cover Supervisor and was promoted to Hub Manager, providing support for vulnerable students at risk of exclusion.  He has established a very effective provision in a short time.’

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